Ugens citat: WSJ om "The Fabulous Castro Boys"

Wall Street Journal har onsdag en fortræffelig leder, “The Fabulous Castro Boys “, om Fidel Castro, hans broder, den designerede arvtager, Raúl, og Cubas fremtid.  Der er flere perler imellem, bl.a. (med fremh. tilføjet):

“Fidel is not only the longest-reigning dictator in the history of the modern world; he is also the archetype of the paranoid communist micromanager. He is known to be ruthless, insecure and distrustful, to the point of executing ideological allies suspected of disloyalty. He has also been obsessed with anti-Americanism for more than a half-century. If Cubans are malnourished and the country resembles a rundown 1950s’ museum, so be it. Fidel has been more interested in his legacy as the revolutionary who stood up to the imperialists. The odd admiration for his handiwork among many on the U.S. left–he may be a dictator but the health care is good!–is a mystery of our time.

Enter Raúl, five years younger than Fidel, and, historically, every bit as dedicated to the revolution. During their exile in Mexico in the 1950s, Raúl was the brother who befriended Che Guevara and he encouraged the adoption of a communist hard-line in 1960. Beginning in Mexico and especially when consolidating power after they overthrew Batista in 1959, Raúl did the bulk of Fidel’s political dirty work.

And yet, despite this brutal past, Raúl is now widely thought to be the reformer. Some of this is relative, given the harshness of his narcissistic older brother. But Cuba watchers say that Raúl has been known to express concern for the suffering of the Cuban people under the current system and has been a consistent voice for economic change.

As minister of defense, Raúl has also been in charge of the military which owns and profits from the most lucrative businesses in Cuba, particularly tourism. He has undoubtedly noticed how China’s military has prospered from creeping market liberalization. Should the U.S. trade embargo be lifted, he knows that he and his cadre of raulistas would be the immediate beneficiaries.

Whether it comes sooner or later, Fidel Castro’s death will be a moment of hope for the liberation of an island that was once a jewel of the Americas. If Raúl wants to go there, the U.S. ought to help show him the way.”

4 thoughts on “Ugens citat: WSJ om "The Fabulous Castro Boys"

  1. Lars Andersen

    Beundringen er som bekendt ikke begrænset til amerikanske venstrefløj. Uriasposten har et delvist transcript af et P1 interview med Svend Auken om SAs møde med Castro. Her hedder det bl.a.:” [Castro] sagde, han havde hørt jeg blev kaldt vindkraftens fader, må jeg ikke være din fætter, så sagde jeg, at det måtet han selvfølgeligt gerne. Tænk at have sådan en fornem fætter i Havanna.”Interviewet findes på: er fyldt med guldkorn af ovenstående slags.

  2. Rasmus Ole Hansen

    “Jeg mener noget af det vigtigste ved menneskerettigheder overhovedet, det er retten til sundhed og det retten til uddannelse og så videre, og de menneskerettigheder, blandt andet de sociale menneskerettigheder er godt sikret i Cuba”.Ha ha det er sjovt at Auken blot opfinder sine egne menneskerettigheder, hvilket ikke (min erfaring) er noget sær syn for folk med socialistiske tendenser. Hvor svært kan det lige være at forstå ejendomsret, ytringsfrihed og forsamlingsfrihed er menneskerettighederne og at ingen af delene findes på Cuba.


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