Ejendomsrettigheder er menneskerettigheder II

Vi omtalte i sommer den infamøse amerikanske højesteretsdom Kelo v. New London, der var et særdeles trist eksempel på arbitrær politisk krænkelse af den private ejendomsret–én, som man ellers formodentlig skal helt til Danmark eller Zimbabwe for at finde…  Vi omtalte i den forbindelse også, hvorledes en gruppe frihedssindede borgere bestemte sig for at kombinere happening og hævn: Nemlig at foreslå en ekspropriation af hjemmet tilhørende højesteretsdommer Souter (som afgav den udslagsgivende stemme) med henblik på at bygge et "Hotel Lost Liberty".  Nu er der nyt i den sag (takket være Wall Street Journals Brendan Miniter på OpinionJournal.com):

Supreme Court Justice David Souter is now one step closer to losing his house. A group called the Committee for the Protection of Natural Rights, based in Mr. Souter's hometown of Weare, N.H., has gathered enough signatures (25 in a town of 8,500) to bring the seizure of the Justice's historic 200-year-old home up for a vote on March 14. Activists are out to spank Justice Souter for joining the Court's recent Kelo v. New London decision, which expanded the power of state and local governments to seize private property and replace it with commercial property that will bring in more tax revenue.

At a rally in Weare this past weekend to gin up support for creating "Hotel Lost Liberty" on the Souter site, about 25 volunteers from around the county met at the Town Hall and later passed out copies of the Kelo decision. Logan Darrow Clements, a Californian and one of the protest organizers, compared the effort to the Boston Tea Party and Weare's own Pine Tree Riot, an incident that involved town residents beating up officials appointed by King George III in 1772 after being fined for cutting down pine trees. "What we're trying to do is stop eminent domain abuse," Mr. Clements told reporters. If people like Justice Souter lost their homes to a flaky government seizure process, maybe they would "understand why it needs to end," he added.

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