Epstein om organhandel

Der er markeder i alt, også organhandel. Liberale har i mange år talt om de gavnlige effekter af liberalisering, og senest har vi Richard A. Epstein, der skriver fra sin blog hos Hoover Inst. The Kidney Crisis. Her er den korte version:

Open markets could solve the organ shortage problem. On the donor side, it will induce high-quality sellers, because no one wants to buy a hepatic or diseased kidney. On the recipient side, the cash supplements could go a long way to increase organ access to indigent and minority patients, who are currently ill-served by the system. The big losers in this program will be the purveyors of dialysis services. But, the winner will be the large number of stricken people who, liberated from these machines, can live better and richer lives.

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