Hvis man som liberal diskuterer statens rolle med ikke-liberale folk, løber man ofte panden mod en mur. Mike Munger (Duke) publicerede forleden nogle overvejelser over problemet i The Freeman under titlen ”Unicorn Governance.” Hans simple, men ofte oversete pointe er, at mens de fleste sagtens kan se problemerne – i Danmark for eksempel at Skat de facto har næsten ubegrænsede midler til rådighed – er løsningen for de fleste, at Staten da må gøre mere. Antager mange ikke ofte implicit, at Staten er løsningen på problemer, Staten skaber? Mungers hovedpointe er her; resten er også stærkt anbefalet!

When I am discussing the State with my colleagues at Duke, it’s not long before I realize that, for them, almost without exception, the State is a unicorn. I come from the Public Choice tradition, which tends to emphasize consequentialist arguments more than natural rights, and so the distinction is particularly important for me. My friends generally dislike politicians, find democracy messy and distasteful, and object to the brutality and coercive excesses of foreign wars, the war on drugs, and the spying of the NSA.

But their solution is, without exception, to expand the power of “the State.” That seems literally insane to me—a non sequitur of such monstrous proportions that I had trouble taking it seriously.

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