Dansk Public Choice Workshop – program

Programmet til næste fredags danske public choice workshop – den 17. af sin art siden 1999 – er nu sendt ud. Workshoppen roterer traditionelt mellem Aarhus, Odense og København, og afholdes i år hos Cepos, Landgreven 3, 3. sal i København K. Alle interesserede er velkomne til at deltage i hele workshoppen eller evt. blot side med på en enkelt session. Man møder simpelthen op – med den enkelte detalje, at der kun er frokost til dem, der har meldt sig til (hos enten mig eller Henrik Christoffersen).

Hele programmet, der har deltagelse af forskere fra universiterne i København, Aarhus, Lund, Hamborg og Groningen og fra Cepos, kan ses under folden.

The 17th Danish Public Choice Workshop, 2016

Copenhagen, January 29

11.00: Welcome

11.05-12.35     Session 1: Public economics

Chair: Rasmus Wiese

 Anne Heeager (Aarhus): Service producing units also hope for bailout: An analysis of how characteristics of the transfer systems used within local governments influence bailout expectations

Henrik Christoffersen and Karsten Bo Larsen (Cepos): When the manger is empty: The welfare coalition in Denmark with pressure on the public budgets

Rasmus Wiese, Richard Jong-A-Pin and Jakob de Haan (Groningen): Are expenditure cuts the only effective way to achieve successful fiscal adjustment?

12.35-13.30     Lunch

Sandwiches in the seminar room

13.30-15.00     Session 2a: Crises and interventions

Chair: Christian Bjørnskov

 Peter Nannestad (Aarhus): Not (just) the economy. Post-predicting the economic performance of the core Euro-countries during the financial crisis 2008-2009

Irina Mirkina (Lund): FDI and sanctions: Being good guys or good investors?

Christian Bjørnskov (Aarhus) and Martin Rode (Navarra): Crisis, ideology, and interventionist policy ratchets

13.30-15.00     Session 2b: Rent-seeking and norms

Chair: Gert Tinggaard Svendsen

 Andreas Bergh (Lund): Adam Smith vs Jeff Sachs: Can social norms in rich countries explain why other countries remain poor?

Amalie Jensen and David Dreyer Lassen (Copenhagen): Contagious political concerns: Identifying unemployment concern peer effects using the Danish population network

Gert Tinggaard Svendsen (Aarhus) and Urs Steiner Brandt (Syddansk): Lobbying and the Risk of Cheating in the EU ETS

15.00-15.20     Coffee

15.20-16.50     Session 3: Public policy

Chair: Otto Brøns Petersen

Jacob Gerner Hariri, Amalie Jensen and David Dreyer Lassen (Copenhagen): A Liquidity Theory of Social Policy Preferences

Lasse Aaskoven (Copenhagen): Polity age and political budget cycles: Evidence from a Danish municipal reform

Otto Brøns Petersen (Cepos): On the dimensions of the Danish policy space

16.50-17.00     Break

17.00-18.00     Session 4: Death and well-being

Chair: Therese Nilsson

Jerg Guttman (Hamburg): The political economy of death penalty abolition

Therese Nilsson (Lund), Niclas Berggren (IFN) and Christian Bjørnskov (Aarhus): What aspects of society affect the quality of life of a minority? Global evidence from the new Gay Happiness Index

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