John Cochrane om Trumps vælgeropbakning

Jeg syntes, at dette indlæg fra den altid indsigtsfulde John Cochrane, var yderst interessant. Så hermed en opfordring til at læse det hele. Nedenfor et lille udpluk, hvor Cochrane citerer sit eget indlæg i Wall Street Journal.

An oped at the WSJ. I can’t post the whole thing for 30 days, but here are some tidbits and some extra commentary.

Incompetent Elites Make Trump Look Appealing

His supporters don’t love everything about him but are sick of being disdained and misgoverned.

Democrats and traditional Republicans are flummoxed. How are 4 in 10 of our fellow citizens ready to vote for Donald Trump? …

What motivates Trump supporters? Simple: They want their country back.

I mention Iraq, Afghanistan, and the financial crisis, all of which hit middle America hard, and from which they surmised that the foreign policy and economic elites don’t know what they’re doing. I mention official Washington’s Trump derangement, the second round of the illegitimacy wars.

In 2020 Covid hit. Trump supporters initially went along, trusting institutions. But the pandemic soon exposed the politicized incompetence of the Food and Drug Administration, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the scientific establishment. Lockdowns destroyed lives. Officials made up rules and ramped up censorship. Inquiries about whether the virus came from a lab leak, or anything negative about masks or vaccines, became “misinformation” subject to censorship. Trump supporters saw media, tech companies and national-security bigwigs suppress the news of the Hunter Biden laptop just in time for the election.

When schools went remote, parents found out what was actually going on inside the classrooms. Teachers were coaching students to hate themselves, their country and their religious traditions and sexualizing young children. The FBI treated angry parents as domestic terrorists. After Oct. 7, Trump supporters learned that universities are incompetent and politicized and disdain people like them. They saw that once-trusted mainstream-media outlets had become political advocates long ago.

Voters see the chaos of a dysfunctional immigration system spill into their neighborhoods. They see crime overwhelming and shutting down cities where officials refuse to enforce laws. They see the homeless invading public spaces.

They aren’t proud of Mr. Trump’s actions after the 2020 election. But 91 felony counts, some brought by prosecutors who campaigned on a promise to get Mr. Trump, and most unrelated to the election? Bonnie and Clyde didn’t have this much legal trouble! And now disqualifying Mr. Trump from the ballot? “Destroy democracy to save democracy” is no longer a joke. The existence of the deep state seems to be confirmed with every outrage….

This election isn’t about employment, spending promises or 12-point policy plans. Voters everywhere want the basic institutions of American society and government to return to a semblance of apolitical competence.

A little advice at the end:

What should Nikki Haley do? Show that she understands this deep frustration. Explain how she will fix the country’s institutions and why Mr. Trump won’t or can’t.

2 thoughts on “John Cochrane om Trumps vælgeropbakning

  1. Peter Krogsten

    Som når nu Fru Frederiksen glider i minkdyngen: Trump vælges ikke til – de andre vælges fra.

  2. D. Svendsen

    Der er utallige eksempler på Trumps gode gerninger og rigtige forudsigelser – blandt andet den energikrise, og nu oprustningskrise, som Europa står over for. Vi grinte af ham, vi hånede ham, og når han har ret, så har vi allerede glemt hvad vi sagde (ofte fordi vi er videre til at kritisere ham for noget nyt). Alt imens kan vores egne, og Nordamerikas, inkompetente politikere og magthavere slippe afsted med alt fra slettede beskeder, udemokratiske forfølgelser af modstandere, og forfærdelige økonomiske beslutninger – til stærkt tvivlsomme opbakninger til rettighedsbrydende autoritære nedlukninger af samfundsfunktioner- og institutioner, pga. corona, klima, racisme, misinformation, Ukraine (indsæt selv flere undskyldninger for at bryde med konventioner, normer og værdier).

    At Trump er populær kan kun overraske den selvoptagede elite.


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