Johan Anderberg om udlandets (manglende) interesse for COVID-19-pandemien i Sverige

Johan Anderberg – som jeg talte med i Regelstaten episode 55 – har skrevet et interessant indlæg om Sverige og COVID-19 under overskriften “Here’s Why No One Wants to Talk About Sweden“.

For anyone still interested, the results were impossible to deny. By the end of 2021, 56 countries had registered more deaths per capita from Covid-19 than Sweden. With regard to the restrictions that the rest of the world had put so much faith in — school closures, lockdowns, face masks, mass testing — Sweden had more or less gone in the opposite direction. Yet its results were not noticeably different from those of other countries. It was beginning to become increasingly clear that the political measures that had been deployed against the virus were of limited value. But no one spoke about this.

From a human perspective, it was easy to understand why so many were reluctant to face the numbers from Sweden. For the inevitable conclusion must be that millions of people had been denied their freedom, and millions of children had had their education disrupted, all for nothing.

Who would want to be complicit in that?

I Danmark har vi jo talt en del om Sverige, men jeg mener, at Johan har ret i, at en stor del af de udenlandske mediers og politikeres interesse for Sverige forsvandt ca. samtidig med, at det gik op for alle, at katastrofen udeblev, og Sverige faktisk klarede sig nogenlunde fornuftigt gennem pandemien uden strikse nedlukninger.

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